Client: Gemeente Eindhoven | Status: COMPLETED

Domus Economicus x Juristendag

Concept | Workshop Design | Experience Design

Juristendag 2018 is set as a moment for municipal lawyers & consultants to reflect in a dynamic and creative way on these questions and begin to foster a culture of curiosity and learning about emerging technologies, their implications and their opportunities. It is a yearly event organised by the Gemeente Eindhoven with legal consultant from all departments.

The Domus Economicus Workshop aims to support the Juristendag 2018 goals, by engaging participants with an imperfectly designed fictional service.

A personalised workshop program has been devised specifically with legal consultants in mind. The activity used as an example the Domus Economicus Housing service concept – house of the future, which, in turn, had been designed for/with exactly this type of activities, or activation sessions in mind.


The Workshop’s goal is to stimulate discussions about the various roles and limitations of new technologies in solving wicked problems such as housing inequality, or shortage. Through collaboration, conversation and a problem-solving approach, participants can momentarily engage in thinking outside of their professional frame of reference and work together in solving the workshop challenge, one for which there are currently little rules (or laws)at hand to work with. This, in turn, stimulates participants to reflect on their own role in the development of future (legal) initiatives and their positioning in the broader tech-policy ecosystem.

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By combining the qualities legal consultants are familiar with in their day to day work with creative/speculative thinking, we can together identify interesting (future) connections between legal work, municipal service sand data commerce, or new technologies in general. The example of the Domus Economicus housing service, the workshop interfaces (tablet and contents, on-site prototyping materials) and the questions themselves, serve, in this case, only as triggers for an on-site conversation and refletion.