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Gundam Robot Collectors

Concept | Research | Graphic Design


Gundam Robots Collectors is a research publication that concludes a visual research on the eponymous collectors and their Gundam Kits.The book takes a look at the socio-cultural context in which the Gundam Franchise gained its popularity, as well as its relation with Otaku Culture (and subsequently the influence it has had on Japanese Culture in the 1980s).


Through interviews and visual research, the book explores the relationships between the visual language and production methods employed in creating the Gundam Kits and its collectors. What influences their choices when purchasing new suites? What informs them when they create their own custom suites? Is there a difference between the available Gundam Robot purchase offer in the European, North-American and Japanese markets? What is the difference in visual language and production between Gundams produced with adults in mind and those made especially for children? Do collectors gather both? Are Gundams just one of many other collections that these afficionados gather? What inspires them to participate in this culture? What is the significance of the Gundam Narrative to these collectors?

These are some of the questions the book investigates.