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MoneyLab #3 – Failing Better, Pakhuys de Zwijger, Amsterdam
LabFest 2017, Kohnstammhuis, Knowledge Mile, Amsterdam


Analogy is a consultancy specialised in adapting the advances of innovative online platforms (Google, Facebook, Spotify etc.) to update traditional publishing practices. By constantly analyzing successful models, Analogy offers solutions that bring agility to the traditional publishing workflow.

From Sept. 2016 to Jan. 2017, I have worked as an intern at PublishingLab (ACIN) in Amsterdam. Together with Luca Claessens, Oliver Barstow and Silvio Lorusso, I have investigated various Alternative Revenue Models for E-Publishing (a collaboration between PublishingLab and MoneyLab, the latter part of the Institute of Network Cultures in Amsterdam).

The results have been presented at MoneyLab #3 – Failing Better, a conference about Global Finance & Technology held at Pakhuys de Zwijger (December 2016) and at LabFest at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (January 2017) .

My roles in the project were varied: from positioning, conceptualising and researching (together with group), to designing the interfaces for the workflow, as well as the installation setup. Other concrete tasks included writing content for both the blog and the Analogy Website, producing prototypes, mockups, presentations etc.​

You can explore more detailed accounts of our work on the PublishingLab Website.

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